Hey Look. ART. Or something.

Questions? Go right ahead and ask!   so this where I dump all my sketches and stuff
my main blog is angeles8fuimos.tumblr.com
lots of fandoms! if you have any requests, go ahead and ask! i guarantee nothing though because i'm quite lazy

post-battle make-outs!!

though you’d think they’d get cleaned up first i mean jesus scott your wounds might heal quick but the blood doesn’t just magically disappear

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i’ve been sick all week and i’m almost better but not quite yet so i’m just coloring things

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ruulllleee siiiixxttyyy thrrrrreeeeeeee

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OH MAN i totally didn’t mean to neglect this blog for months. i had to focus on my last semester at my university until may and then artist block hit me hard, i am really sorry.

now, those requests in my askbox

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Anonymous asked: do you have a main blog that isn't just for your art?


I DO. It’s right here.

I should probably put that on the description thing, huh.

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practicing kisses and skittles because i need happy things

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if you must die, sweetheart

die knowing your life was my life’s best part

this song makes me very emotional

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