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Questions? Go right ahead and ask!   so this where I dump all my sketches and stuff
my main blog is angeles8fuimos.tumblr.com
lots of fandoms! if you have any requests, go ahead and ask! i guarantee nothing though because i'm quite lazy

Anonymous asked: do you have a main blog that isn't just for your art?


I DO. It’s right here.

I should probably put that on the description thing, huh.

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practicing kisses and skittles because i need happy things

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if you must die, sweetheart

die knowing your life was my life’s best part

this song makes me very emotional

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i don’t know why i love you

i just know i can’t stop thinking of you

oh wait

it’s ‘cause you make me smile

you always make me smile

this was supposed to be a part of this but it didn’t really fit but i like it so here it is on its own

i just like the idea of scott and stiles kissing but having to stop and laugh because they’re just so happy to be together

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#Sciles  #Scott McCall  #Stiles Stilinski  #Teen Wolf  #ugh this dumb ship is going to be the end of me  #THEY JUST MAKE ME SO HAPPY??  #otp: i had you before  #otp: you still got me  #otp: you're not alone  #otp: you have me  #otp: this newfound heroism is making me very attracted to you  #otp: you and me  #otp: you're my best friend  #otp: i need you  #otp: you're my brother  #otp: you're gonna have to take me with you  #otp: you're here with me  #otp: i'll do something  #otp: i can't hurt you  #OTP: TRUE ROMANCE OF THE SHOW  #i am emotional don't look at me 

this is a place where i don’t feel alone

this is a place where i feel at home

remember when this ship used to not break my heart every week

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you truly love this boy, don’t you

give him back

he loves you too, you know


i was trying to make a happy valentine’s day drawing but then this happened i’m sorry

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you’re not alone. you have me.

there’s like a hundred much better artworks of this scene but i couldn’t help myself ok i HAD to

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#Sciles  #Teen Wolf  #Scott McCall  #Stiles Stilinski  #i wish we'd seen scott's face in that scene